Tradition and Innovation

Șaraiman Arts is an arts management agency composed of an international group of performers and activists whose mission is to place underrepresented artists in the spotlight they deserve and connect them with appreciative audiences in premier venues.

In doing so, we hope to build bridges between tradition and innovation, empowering artists to explore new creative avenues while preserving traditional cultural practices.


Our story

Șaraiman Arts was created in 2017 by two musicians from Iran and the United States who came to Romania to pursue their passion for Romani music. Through the process of learning and collaborating with Romani wedding musicians (lăutari), they found that many great performers are struggling to adapt to the realities of the 21st century musical economy and do not have the resources to promote their work outside the wedding circuit. We act as an advocate and intermediary for performers engaged in a range of musical genres, and our artists retain full creative control over their work.


Our artists

Șaraiman Arts represents an ecelectic array of artists working in traditional genres, including muzică lăutărească, manele, Transylvanian fiddle music, and Romani folk-pop.

  • Corina Sîrghi și Taraful Jean Americanu
  • Elvis Rromano and his Rock 'N' Rrom Band
  • Volekh Quartet (klezmer)
  • Țagoi și Taraful de la Clejani
  • Vălenii de Mureș (Transylvanin string band)


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